Amazing Solution For Remove Dark Patches and Spots Using Home Remedies..

If you have the small patches in skin,it also decreases beauty.These are occurred due to many reason like using excess amount of chemical products,due to some disease,expose to sun.But there is no such thing in the world that is not treated.Today we discussed ,how to get rid of these spots.There is no need to go to a doctor for expensive medicine or need laser light.You can also get rid of black and white spots using home remedies.

Faded Dark Spot,eliminate dark spot
Faded Dark Spot


Lemon Juice:

This is the easy and simple method to faded the dark spots by using one ingredients.We can easily find out in every kitchen.Take one lemon,cut in middle.Squeeze the lemon in a bowl,dab a cotton in the juice and apply on dark spots.It works greatly.For best result use this remedy for 2 to 3 times a week.

Coconut water :

Coconut water is the best solution for removing spots.Coconut water can remove all types of spots,whether it is black or white spot. wounds, burnt injuries,pimple spots can also get rid of  using coconut water.For this, take coconut water in a bowl.Dab a cotton in the bowl and apply on spot.For doing one month ,for 2 times a day,the spot will gradually disappear.

Aloe vera:

It is very beneficial to remove spots.Bring Aloe vera from the tree and break from the middle.Apply the inner part of the Aloe vera at spots.By this procedure, it takes 15 days to  disappear the spots.

Honey and rose water:

These are also benefits for reducing the spots.Along with the removal of these spots,makes your face fair.Take one spoon of honey in a bowl and mix 1 tablespoon rose water in it.Mix it properly and apply on spots.You will see difference in a week.

Turmeric And Sandal:

All we know about the turmeric and sandal.This is a very good way to brighten our face.But more people use turmeric powder.Turmeric powder does not give such a good result.The piece of turmeric is very beneficial to remove the spot.Take a piece of turmeric and make a paste using sandal.Use it above the spot.By doing such one month the spot will disappear gradually.

Gram Flour:

It is also very beneficial to reduce the spots.Add 2 drops of Lemon juice in 1 tbsp gram flour,and make a paste using required water.Apply on spots.You will see guaranty difference in a week.

Potato Juice:

There is another simple solution that get rid the spots and make your face bright.Take a small piece of potato.Rub it directly on the spots or extract the juice and apply that using cotton.Do it 2 times per day.This is the best solution for removing the spots.

Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber are always available in the market.Make the cucumber into small pieces and grind it.Separate the juice and dab the cotton in it.Apply on spots.After doing one week,you will surely see the difference.

By using toothpaste on dark spots give good result.These are the easy methods which can reducing the spots easily and there is no side effect.So guys try it today and give feedback .

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