Extremely Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

Today’s hair fall is a common issue of every human being.This occurs due to different reasons.Not to take healthy food can also be a reason.Hair also needs nutrition.Oil and shampoo put a heal of hair, but it does not become stronger than inside.Only the food that nourishes the inside.There is a lot of food that helps keep hair strong and beautiful.

Spinach are very good for hair.It contains Vitamin A, vitamin C and protein  which help to growth the hair fast.Hair loss can be caused by due to lack of iron in the body.From the spinach we can get sufficient amount of iron.Take half cup of spinach and mix with half a cup of the hair oil(coconut or olive oil is best).Heat the mixture for 10 minutes in medium heat. then leave it for cool.Apply this on your hair and scalp and let it remain for about one hour.This mixture works well on your hair, especially if you have frizzy or dry hair.This oil keeps your hair smooth, soft and well moisturized and strong.

Coconut and coconut water is a great natural hydration and it contains vitamin C,calcium,manganese,potassium.Taking daily coconut is good for hair.It is the perfect way to counteract the dry flaky scalp.Massaging coconut water can also help stimulate your scalp.Make the coconut water spray by using half a cup of coconut water mixed with four tablespoons of any oil. Spray it onto your hair before washing as a scalp treatment to massage.It easily control the hair fall and conditioning the scalp.

Eggs, milk, and milk products are very good for hair.It contains lots of proteins, vitamin B-12, iron, zinc, biotin and omega-6 fatty acids.

Walnut also very good for hair.In this, biotin, vitamin B1, B6, B9, vitamin E, magnesium remains in abundance.All these are beneficial for hair.

Tomatoes are effectively protecting you from sun damage due to presence of high antioxidant content.It is already proven that taking daily basis five tablespoons of raw tomato paste with 10 grams of olive oil every day for 2 month improves the skin’s ability to protect itself against UV damage.Using tomato paste in hair,stops the hair splits completely.

The hair becomes lifeless due to the absence of vitamins.To control these problem, eat guava every day.It contains more vitamins than orange.Not only the fruit its leaf is also very good for hair.You can also eat its leaf.

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