Medicinal Nature Of Bay leaves

In our home,we used bay leaf for increase the taste of food.We are mainly used it ,for adding extra flavor in our recipe.Except just to cooking,from old time bay leaf used for medicinal purposes.But all are don’t know the medicinal nature of bay leaf.It heals many diseases with in less time.Mainly bay leaf contains lot of copper,potassium,calcium,magnesium,selenium,zinc,vitamin A,B,C,E and iron.It also have the property of repelling  moths,mice,flies etc.

Bay leaf nutrition facts, medicinal properties and health benefits
Bay Leaf

Easy For Digestion-By eating a bay leaf, the digestive process is done properly.If you have these problem like acidity,constipation, then you get rid of it.Also you can  take 3 to 4 bay leaves with 200 ml of water,add small piece of ginger in it.Boil the water till 1/4th remains.For taste add one table spoon of honey in it.Drink twice a day,and stay active whole day.

  • Treatment For Diabetes-The person who suffers from type-2 diabetes, is very beneficial for them.Type-2 diabetes means your body may also not produce enough insulin.Using bay leaf  powder every day in morning in empty stomach, sugar levels are controlled and insulin is properly produced.
  • Remove Stone in Kidney-Boil water with adding bay leaf.Drink that water after cooling down.Drink it regularly,Will get rid of stone.
  • Anti Cancer-Bay leaf  contains caffeic acid,quercetin  and euginel,which helps fight against metabolism and cancer.
  • Beneficial for pain-To get rid of pain, massaging the oil in the knee immediately prevails.

For preparing oil:you need 20 grams of bay leaf and 150 ml of olive oil.First dry the bay leaf and well mash the leaves and then pour olive oil over them.Transfer the mixture in a glass jar and close it well.Then store in a cool dark place for 15 days and shake the jar some times.After 15 days,strain the oil from jar and pour in to a suitable container and store in cool place.The oil is very useful for massaging the joint pains.Just heat the oil and rub the sore areas.

  • Slumber away-Much more people feel drowsy.Bay leafs are very beneficial for those people.Keep the bay leaf wet in the water at night.Drink water every day and get rid of it.This way you doesn’t feel lazy.
  • Rid of cold and infection-Bay leaf are very much effective in fighting the symptoms of cold.Drink bay leaf tea two times a day and get cure.
  • Reduce Pimple-If used  as a lotion ,the bay leaf will treat acne and pimples and treat various skin conditions.Boil the water with bay leaf and cool it.splash the water on the face to get rid from acne and pimple.

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