Best home remedies to treat the dry cracked chapped lips

Our lips not only our smiles but also develops our personality.We should take care of our lips because lips are attractive and sensitive part of the body which actually needs a lot of care.Due to changes of weather,specially in winter crack developed in our lip.Mainly in cold weather the humidity and moisture in the atmosphere is very low.So dry or painful lips are common in cold weather.Cracked lips also difficult to talk and eat food.But long-pressed lips can have symptoms of a serious illness, but chapped lips can usually be cured with the use of natural home remedies.

cracked lip.chapped lip
Dry Lip

Deficiency Of Vitamin B:

Due to deficiency of vitamin B causes the cracked in lips continuously.To get rid of this consume vitamin B food like poultry, seafood, bananas, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, potatoes and fortified cereals,bread,fish,egg,soya beans.

Drinking Water:

cracked lip,chapped lip drink water
Drink Water

Generally people drink less water in winter,which can causes dehydration.This is also one reason for dry lips.For prevent this problem drink 2-3 liter of water daily.Eat green vegetables with carrot and tomato.

Licking Lips:

Many people have habit to lick their lips when they feel an irritation or dryness.So this is also a big reason of getting dry is recommended that apply a good lip balm instead it.

Milk & Rose Petals:

rose petal for dry lip,cracked lip
rose petal

If your lips gets more dry during winter, then you can use this procedure.Take 15 to 20 rose petals,wash it properly,then soak it in raw milk for 2 hour.After that make a smooth paste and apply in lips for 15-20 minute.This gives you a smooth and pinkish lips naturally.


Aloe vera Gel:

It is very simple method to get natural pink and smooth lip.Cut an aloe vera leaf and collect the gel from it.You can direct rub the gel on your lips and leave it to dry or rest in over nght.This will remove dead cell of lips and restore your natural lip color.

Turmeric & Cream:

Turmeric helps to remove bacteria and milk cream give the moisture.Regularly apply turmeric and milk cream paste in lips,definitely get the moisturized soft lips.

Cucumber Juice:

This is also a natural lip lightener ingredient.To use,obtain cucumber slices and rub gently on your lips.Leave for dry or you can rest the juice all over night.Due to the present of acid in cucumber can reduce the dark color and cracked lip.


Using honey can protects lips against bacterial infections and getting tan due to UV radiations from the sun. It also moisturizes your lips making them smooth and store natural color.

Uses of Vitamin E,Olive oil,coconut oil,pure ghee and glycerin on lip also heals cracked lips.It keeps hydrate the lips and lock the moisturize.


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