Be Aware.Too Much Sitting In One Place For Long Time Is Dangerous Than Smoking

Now a days in a busy schedule we cannot take care of our health.We also try to not to go of any bad habit.If you have any bad habit,then stay away from this.If also we don’t have the habit of drinking and smoking but we do such type of work  which is also bad for health.A study has shown that, sitting in one place for long time ,is more dangerous than smoking.

 Serious Health Issues From Sitting Too Long & How To Avoid Them,Sitting for too long is bad for your body,Sitting too long can kill you, even if you exercise, study says
Sitting Long time

Sitting in one place,most of the death possibilities increases day by day.It has studied that in European countries,AmericaAsia,middle eastern countries the percentage is high.

As per health specialist ,we don’t sit long time in our office hour.Otherwise we face different health issues like diabetes,heart attack etc.For that,today’s treadmill and standing desk demand is high.With the help of these we can control the health problem,but it doesn’t good mind to the brain.

Researcher says that,60 percent of the people sit in one place for more than 3-4 hours.This habit increases the death possibilities.So prevent deaths due to premature illness, a person should change his behavioral habits.Also in this study mentioned that, if we reduce constantly sit by 2 hours, it can reduce the risk of death up to 2.5 percent.If you standing and doing exercise at the time of work,it may be create problem to that work.But actually,got the reverse result.Taking interval doing work,concern of thinking power is improved and performs good.Taking 10 minute interval,walking,desk paddling and roam around can healthy the brain.For this result,workers are doing good performance.

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