Shahi Tukra/Tukda Recipe

Hello to all,This is a traditional and so delicious recipe.It feel you like,eat the royal food.So today I tell you the total procedure how you easily do in home.

Measurements & Ingredients:

1/2 cup( 120 ml) water

250 gm.  Sugar

500 ml.   Milk

250 gm    khoya

100 gm    ghee

10 slice  Bread crusts remove and

Cut in (+7 CM +1 CM)

10 almonds thinly sliced

10 cashew thinly sliced


rabr,shahi tukda
Rabri Of Shahi Tukra Recipe


  • First boil water and add sugar in a pan till sugar is dissolved, stirring constantly.
  • In a separate pan, bring milk to boil. Add khoya, Cook till milk thickens, breaking up lumps while stirring constantly.
  • Take a fry pan add ghee heat in ghee on medium heat for about 2 mints. Fry bread pieces on both sides till golden brown. Remove and drain. Immerse bread in syrup &arrange on serving dish. Repeat this procedure for remaining slices.
  • Pour thickened milk on top of bread. Sprinkle almond nuts,cashew and saffron.Serve hot or cold.

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