Which Is The Best Time To Drink Milk According To Ayurveda

Generally we drink the milk at morning or evening time.To keep body healthy, every generation should drink milk.But there are some rules for drinking milk.As per advice of National Institute Of Ayurved doctor C.R.Jadav,by following these rules in the time of drinking milk get good result.

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Drink Milk For Health
  • First of all, do not drink the milk in early morning.it becomes quite heavy to digest.If you do like that,then acids which is present in the stomach get disturbed.As a result,it make cough and acidity.
  • Always drink the milk at night.Because of the present of amino acids keep mind cool.And have a good night’s sleep.
  • Do not drink milk immediately after eating food.Doing this does not have proper digestion.It is better to drink milk after 2 hours of eating.
  • Always drink lukewarm milk.Drink cold milk,if you have the acidity and ulcer problem.
  • Milk should never be eaten with food because it can not be easily digested. It should always be boil and drink separately.
  • Do not add the sugar,while drinking the milk.For taste and flavor add raisin,dates,sugar candy in milk,for better result.
  • Those who have weak in digestion,any kind of skin condition,cough,worms in the stomach,they should avoid milk.
  • Some people drink milk,but they cannot properly digest it.So add ginger in this milk.If you add saffron,cardamom,cinnamon in milk,then you get relief from stomach problem.

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