Best 10 Natural Cancer Treatments In Home

Cancer is really a very bad disease. In India, also the disease is spreading very rapidly. Many people are being victimized by this disease.It is also true that even now no effective cancer drug has been prepared. But if we take care of some things, then this disease does not touch our body. Every year above two million people are dying of cancer and new cases are coming. But remember that patient who does not die from cancer, but dies by its allopathy treatment. Doctor gives the patient chemotherapy; Chemotherapy kills the cancer cell; Which protects our body from getting sick, called immune power. When chemotherapy is given to the patient then this power also dies, then the patient does not have the ability to fight the diseases.

Diet Chart for Cancer patient
As soon as the morning arises, then meditate and yoga should definitely be done.Consume orange, grapes, pears, tomatoes, lemon, etc. get juicy fruits. Carrot etc. raw vegetable juice is also beneficial.Always stay away from junk and oily food. And bring positive thoughts inside your mind. Unless your heart is healthy, your illness will not be correct. Therefore it is very important to first make your mind healthy.So do exercise and yoga in the early morning.

Apart from this, the treatment of this kind of cancer can be done to some extent by adopting domestic remedies. Let us tell you home remedies for prostate cancer.

1. Turmeric – Cow urine – Recycling.
Turmeric is found in an element which is called curcumin, which is a panacea for preventing cancer. If you are afraid of cancer or have begun this too, then do not panic. You should consume continuous turmeric in your diet.

Preparation Method

Search a native cow in your neighborhood or in a cowshed, also special among the black cow and keeps in mind that the cow should not be pregnant, it is better that you take the cow’s urine which is a calf. Now add one tbsp of turmeric in this glass cow urine, boil it for 10 minutes till slow flame, after boiling, let it cool down to the room temperature, just prepare the medicine. Filter it by putting it in a glass bottle and keep it. Now every morning you eat stomach and at night sleeping at the last night and at least 2 to 3 times in every 10 minutes. And by continuously getting your check up you will see that your cancer disease is miraculously correct.

If you want to make it more effective, then you get a medicine in this drink, which is named Rehnava, also boil it by adding 1 tbsp in it. You will find this from any Ayurveda shop.

2.Use Of Garlic-The garlic found in India’s homes does not increase the taste and aroma of food, but this small garlic is also a powder antibiotic and antiviral agent. According to the WHO, the World Health Organization, you can get relief and rid of many diseases by eating some garlic cloves every day, and one of them is cancer. In India garlic is used for high blood pressure and cholesterol, but very few people know that garlic is a very effective chemoprevention agent.In ancient times, cancer used garlic as a medication. Those who eat a lot of garlic are less likely to get cancer.

3.Use Of Cinnamon Powder-Put one spoon of cinnamon powder in one liter of water and boil it, then take 750 grams of water and drink it a little bit during the day.It’s also great home remedies.

4.Green Tea-Green tea is very much good for our health.There are many such qualities in this, which can help in the prevention and treatment of cancer.Green tea prevents cancer cells from growing, which helps to control cancer.So regularly drink 3-4 times per day.

5.Spinach-Spinach is rich in nutritious and fibers, which is a good home remedy for controlling the cancer disease.A lot of antioxidant present in spinach, which fights against the mouth, stomach, throat and blood cancer.Vitamin A, Follet found in it protects against cancer disease.Eat the spinach like food or drink the juice.

6.Soya-Soya is an amazing food for control cancer.Present of Omega-3 and phytonutrients control to increase the tumor and remove the tumor.If you see the symptoms of cancer in an early stage, its consumption is quite beneficial.

7.Grape Juice-Grape is very useful and elixir similar fruits for cancer patients. Before treatment of grapes, fasten the cancer patient for three days before it starts eating grapes. Do not consume more than two kilograms of grapes in a day. Do not eat anything other than food. Gradually taking grapes juice from this treatment can lead to stomachache or irritation. But do not worry, it gets cured within a few days.

8.Drink carrot juice-Drinking juice of carrot leads to cancer benefits. This is especially beneficial in blood cancer and colon cancer. Mixing 125 grams of spinach juice in 310 grams of carrot juice, there is a hopeful benefit on regular drinking.

9.Drink Water-Drink lot of water.Always keep the water in a brass jar at night and drink this water in an early morning on empty stomach.This method also helps to cure cancer with other diseases.

10.Wheat Plant-This method proofs that, it cures cancer disease.Harvest the wheat seeds in your garden and after growing the plant, make the juice and drink in every morning.

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