Top Health Benefits Of Sitting On The Floor And Eating

Earlier a lot of people especially in India, taking their food sitting on the floor.But nowadays most of the people eat food sitting on the table and chair.Also, people eat food in front of the TV and sitting on the bed for relaxing.But very few people know that it affects our health.So sitting on the floor and eat food gives benefit to our body.

Improved Digestion:

When we sit on the floor, most of the time cross the leg, which actually doing one type of yoga or asana called padmasan or sukhaasanaWhenn we sit like that and eat food, it put the pressure on the stomach and improves the digestion.

Reduce Weight:

If you take your food sitting on the floor with crossed leg, Then naturally brain calms down and concentrate on food.This type of sitting helps eat less and you don’t gain any extra fat.This type of posture also created a way to eat food slower than while eating on a table.

Good For Heart Circulation:

According to researchers, Proper digestion is good for blood circulation.When we eating food sit on the floor, we feel warmer and sweaty.For maintaining the process, the blood is pumped to the digestive organs and our heart works continuously to assist digestive system.


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