How much milk should you drink? For age wise To Stay Healthy

In India, most of the people love to drink milk.Drinking at night before going to bed, is very good for health.present of protein and amino acid in milk keeps the body healthy.Like an egg, also milk contains all kinds of protein.Drinking of milk not only improves the physical development but also improves the mental development. But at what age, how much quantity of milk should be consumed, it is necessary to know.So today we discussed this topic.

Birth To 1 Year: For the small baby, mother’s milk is very important.It is not right to give cow milk, buffalo milk or packet milk for one year from birth.These milk are dangerous for baby’s health.Except that, from birth up to 6 months, an everyday child should drink 600ml and next 6 month to 1 year, daily drink 1 liter of milk.

From 1 year To 2 years: From birth to 1 to 2-year baby, milk is very important for health.In this age, baby’s brain develops rapidly.That’s why at this time much fat diets or nutrition are needed.For this all it is necessary to give cream milk to the baby.That is why it is necessary to give 3 to 4 cups approximate 800 to 900 ml milk of the day.

For 2 To 3 year: For 2 to 3 years child spend more time in playing.That is why at this time the child needs to drink 2 cups of milk or eat milk product every day.

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For 4 To 8 Year: At the same time, actually psychic and mental development occurs in the children.That is why at this time the child needs to drink one and a half cup of milk and eat milk products like paneer, curd or any milk base.

For 9 Year Above: At this age, the child needs a high-calorie intake.The child of the same age should drink 3000 calories of milk for the development of the body.That is why it is necessary for the child of the same age to give 3 cups of milk or consume milk products daily.This is not only for children, for youngers also needs to drink 3 cups of milk every day.

For Adults: For adults, milk is very important for health.But instead of cream milk, in this age, men should be drink skimmed milk or toad.Because in cream milk 146calories and 8 gram of fat are present and in skimmed milk 83 calories present and there is no fat occurs.


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